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Human – AI Teamwork

AI enables educators to create better education content in less time by leveraging the unique skills of human and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence


  • Fast content creation
  • Follow instructions
  • Great writing fluency
  • Integrates vast data sets


  • No overall vision
  • Poor critical evaluation
  • Hallucinations
  • Inaccuracies

Human + AI


  • Overall vision flows quickly into implementation
  • Stop getting stuck staring at a blank page
  • Fixes hallucinations, inaccuracies, and duplication



  • Critical thinking
  • Fact-checking
  • Overall vision


  • Limited time – too many demands
  • Struggle to write the first draft
  • Slow
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Auto-Graded Assessment

LMS Integration

Customize assessments or create new ones. Assessments are completed online within the text and instantly graded with detailed feedback.

Access courseware with single sign-on convenience using our LMS integration tools. Assignments, exams, and grades are automatically synced.

Robust Analytics

Multi-Modal Learning

Monitor the entire class as well as individual students to quickly identify those at risk. Analytics track performance and completion of reading, videos, and assessments.

Help students learn better by combining videos, images, text, audio, and other types of content to help students learn better. Captions, audio narration, and other built-in tools keep multi-modal content accessible to those with disabilities.

Any Device, Anytime

Every Classroom Setting

Read, watch, and listen anywhere! Our mobile-optimized learning resources feature best-in-class functionality, including the ability to download and study offline.

Smart textbooks can be used in classrooms, online, blended, flipped, or in any other combination. Content is fully customizable

Low Cost, Lifetime Access

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